Den Lille Pastinak

If this lock-down continues much longer one of two things is going to happen (or possibly both, in extremis) - Mum is going to turn my blog into a collection of knitting patterns, or she is going to run out of wool.  At least I get to sleep curled up beside her on the sofa and rest my head on the keyboard from time to time to see if she has put any of my videos on for me.

This one doesn't look it in the picture but it is actually parsnip coloured.  I know what parsnips are - we used to grow them in our allotment.  And at about this time of year she would be starting the thin out the rows of seedlings.  The yarn came off a big cone that I played with for a while.  Inside it a sticky label said: 100% lambs wool  colour: Parsnip.  This little jumper used up the last bit.  It might fit me but I am never going to wear human clothes (how embarrassing would that be for a self-respecting cat.)

So here's the link: Den Lille Pastinak

Apparently parsnip is pastinak in Danish.  Mum lived in Denmark for a while - she still uses Danish and Norwegian knitting patterns when she finds things she likes.  

You could leave her a comment in my comment box if you like her pattern - she needs some positive reinforcement occasionally.  I use both carrot and stick - well purring/head butting and claw  - to encourage desirable behaviour.


  1. I’ll have a good look at the pattern sometime Tigger- sadly I’ve no 2ply, I picked some up in an op shop a few years ago and twinned it with some 3ply to knit something. I could maybe try the pattern with 3ply…it’ll be a little larger which won’t be a problem as we all know babies grow.


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