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Turn of Speed

F has renamed my rusty old sports car “The ATV”.   We left the allotment late last night just as the light was dying.   There were no dog walkers about so we took the longer ‘on-road’ route along the footpath, rather than bumping across the Common, and F got out of second gear.   We hurtled home.   There is a turn of speed left in the old girl yet. We flashed past that family with the small child who always wants to pat me.   We have encountered them out walking before now.   However they have learned I don’t hang around for petting by children.   This time, at the speed we were travelling, they just flattened themselves against the fence, laughing, as we shot past and I didn’t have to disembark and make my own escape on foot. Thus it was that we arrived home disappointingly soon.   I refused to get out at the parking space so F did a couple of fast laps of the back lawn with steep banking turns – I don’t know what she was on but this just got better and better. I want to

Sunday in Metsovo - really nice place

Meteora on the way to Metsovo

Some Random Holiday Observations


To Treno / The Train

No WIFI and the world didn't end