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Air Guitar

A note from Tigger’s Mum; (Tigger would never tell you all this himself). Cat owners know that cats communicate with humans in myriad ways.   Tigger is not a particularly vocal cat, howls if trodden on, but can produce a remarkable moan if disturbed in his sleep.   Sometimes we can repeat the moans back to him and what follows is a sort of tit for tat sing-song of variable pitch moaning – a sort of duelling banjo/guitar, shades-of-Deliverance type effect. Tigger also communicates by contact – a quick pluck at the side of the bed at 0500 hours means “I want to go outside – let me out now.”   A claw in the thigh when you are sitting at the dining table means “I want that seat – yes, that one you are sitting on.”   Cat owners assert that their moggies convey a wide range of emotions using facial expression.   That might just be cat-owners anthropomorphising, but if you have owned a cat there will have been times you are sure you have seen annoyance, pleading, disgust,

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