Some entertaining re-posts

Air-raid Shelter

It’s not funny.Really, it isn’t funny, and I blame the cat biscuits they throw on the lawn.That blackbird has been eating the cat biscuits and it thinks it’s an eagle or something.Whenever I go into the garden it appears from somewhere and shouts abuse.If I keep looking at it and do my best ‘I’m-ready-to-spring-at-you-crouch’ I’m relatively safe, but if I turn my back for even a second it swoops on me.It’s dangerous.It doesn’t seem big enough, but it behaves like it’s going to carry me off – so maybe it could!
The trouble is that the garden is so big it’s not possible to beat a dignified retreat.At some stage I have to turn and run.Then It comes swooping in like a speeding low-level bomber.
I beat it to the house last night; fortunately the patio doors were open and I could streak straight inside.It knew better than to follow me in, but it had to pull up sharply to avoid flying straight into the back wall of the house. Then it sits on the patio pot-plants right outside the French doors…

They went Paddleboarding

Bears and Ginger Biscuits


Naousa (Sunday night)

Giola, Thassos

Theologos, Thassos

Lake Vistonida, Thace (or Thraki / Θρακη).