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Allotment / Slow Worms

My humans keep disappearing up the road and coming back again, but I finally got a ride in the van and we went to the allotment gate.   Hmmmmmm……..   there’s a lot to check out here. Off the top of the van a big sheet of plywood went in to the allotment, and the tool boxes.   This should be good; it clearly means that supervision will be required.   My job. Mr B.   put a new roof on the shed.   The shed isn’t very interesting, it doesn’t have the right sorts of smells.   F plodded about in the big boots covered in mud and levered big weeds out of the ground with the garden fork.   That dirt looks very wet; I’ll stick to the grass and the dry bit under the hedge.   That dirt makes a nasty sucking noise when F lifts it up with the shovel.  Stay well away from that; supervise from the top of a nearby woodpile Before long a fox arrived on the garden next door.   It didn’t seem to care that we were there and was waiting by the open back gate of a neighbouring house.   Maybe the

Prodigious Amount of Poop


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