Some entertaining re-posts


Last year, on a sunny day after my humans had been on holiday, a shed thing appeared on the back lawn.   It is a bit like my   plastic house that is cluttered with plants trays, but you can’t see through this one and it has two layers – an inside and an outside. It’s more exciting than the plastic house cluttered with plant trays because I can go inside it, or underneath it (it has a floor), or between the layers – and you can’t see me.   Although it resembles the car cover (which I have been gradually ripping apart when they aren’t looking), nearly the same shape and only a little smaller than the car, the humans got extremely exercised about me wanting to climb up the outside of the little fabric shed.   They never let it out of their sight and kept asking one another if ‘the tent’ is dry yet.   Tent.     Hmmmmm…….   In the scheme of things MY tent.   As a place to sleep, something that keeps the rain off (especially this summer), it is possibly better designed than


Fledged starlings

Nature Friday - Coastal flowers


Birthday Weekend.


Corfe Common

Banana Cake