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Alien Invaders part 2

Mr B sat me down to 'set the record straight' after my last post about alien invaders, and because I'm out and about in the apiary during the day (according to him), 'closer to nature' was how I think he put it (nice way of saying 'shut out of the house'), I am supposed to be on the look-out for these Asian Hornets.

'No, we are not in Asia', he assures me, 'but then neither are the hornets now' - apparently.  They have made themselves at home in France (next door, but further away than the neighbour's garden;  work that out) and are expanding their conquered territory each year.  The news is that we could/should soon expect to see them here in England.

England is part of an island according to Mr B, and although there is water all the way around (is there? really?!), even that is not going to deter these hornets!  Surely water is the ultimate deterent.  No?  These hornets must be tough wee customers; I'm not sure I want to be the first…

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