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Giola, Thassos

F owes Mr B a spa treatment and slap up meal. 1 for dragging him across a sun-bleached rock strewn Greek island hillside 'in search of...' and 2 for suggesting that her unresponsive phone needed go be turned off and turned on again to fix it. Of course it did. Turn it off turn it on fixes loads of stuff. However that piece of wisdom didn't arrive before a bottle of wine at the end of a full day of navigating by wet finger in the wind (naviguessing) - hence the straggle across the rock strewn hillside, through flocks of dangerous sheep, past terraced slopes of very old olive trees, before coming out on a road we could simply have driven down. And the objective:  - more water. I didn't have to walk a step, so I got lovely views of terraced olive groves That looks like civilization. I assure you it wasn't. It was populated by dangerous bell-ringing sheep, and not a building or road or footpath for miles. Even after we stumbled out of the wilderness onto the REAL road M

Roast an Ox



Heady Scent of Jasmine ... and TWO Noddy Trains

Sunday in Chania


The Claw



Yacht Race Day