Not Cool - and the Bus-stop has gone.

Late last night (after the bedtime yoga), we hung over the balcony rail for a while and looked at the sea.  There was about 3/4 of a moon very high in the sky.  The moon-path was a short fat wedge of light flashes reflecting off crumpled water.

Kind of slitty down your eyes and soften your focus - it could be a crowd at Wembley Stadium or Glastonbury, dancing wildly with their phones out taking flashy photos of the stage.

That puts me on the stage looking at them.  Cool.

F started staring at something else in the dark  - or rather at the absence of something else.  There was no dark shadow of the bus-stop shelter across the road.  Oh - yeah I could have told her they (orange vested they's) came and took it away today. Shelter is gone, seats are gone.  I'm surprised she took so long to notice; she went for a swim when she got home from work and must have walked straight past its absence on her way to the seaside rickety stairs - and back.

Round here elderly people use the bus.  Waiting for and riding on a bus (or any public transport) must be a completely miserable experience at this time of year.  It's baking out there (38 degrees  in the shade on our balcony at 2000 hours last night), and now those poor folk can't even sit in a sliver of shade while they wait.  They have to stand on their poor achy legs and swollen feet, getting sunstroke.  Not cool.


  1. Hari OM
    deary me... wonder if there is a bigger and better one on the way to replace it? Or is it the COVID thing about open air being better for us..??? Stay cool. hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. As long as the buses are still running they could at least have taken away the seats and left the shelter . Ridiculous.
    We wait for that moon now to come up from behind the hills. It glows in the sky a long time before it appears. August full moon. There used to be a piano concert across the valley at Poseidons temple under the August full moon on Poros. Not this year

    1. F says she thinks she would have liked a full moon piano concert. She is going to Epidavros next week, (to see "The Birds") but I'm not invited. I've already seen the theatre and can watch birds any day so I shall pretend not to care.

  3. Sometimes you have to wonder why officialdom does certain things. Do they ever consult with anyone first? I hope that the reason this has been removed is so that they can replace it with something better.

  4. Hopefully it’s been taken down so they can build a better one.
    Enjoy your sunny weather. We are about to get some very cold days 🥶

  5. New bus-stop we hope. It would have been great if they hadn't chosen the hottest weeks of the year and the start of the month everyone goes on holiday to undertake the demolition part of the project. People are feeling a bit under siege at present and same ol' anything is better than more change and uncertainty. Perhaps I've missed the news that there is a local election coming up or something. We got our street resealed just before the last one. (Cynical cow!)

  6. I don't envy you having Summer there, I"m not looking forward to having it here in 3 months time. And taking a bus stop/shelter down in the middle of the heat is not sensible, I hope no one faints.

  7. We have a high haze today and it's down to 35 C in the shade on the balcony. We thought about running out with a couple of plastic garden chairs but we don't have a beach umbrella to go with them. There's a lady down there now wearing surgical mask and gloves and a black onesy of some sort (yoga pants bottom, shoe-lace shoulders) - her hands must be nearly sliding off her arms.


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