People Magnet

On Saturday as we wended our way into town to buy catfood, we were stopped and interviewed by two women who finished the conversation by telling us that one was from Portugal the other from Brazil, but they had both lived here many years. (We also accidented upon an English woman who has lived here 42 years but that's another tale - it must have been our day for collecting more foreigners!)

Occasionally F looks at a map in blogger to see where in the world people are reading our ramblings and on Sunday there was a HUGE blip in Portugal and a second slightly less HUGE blip in Brazil.

It's pure coincidence of course but don't you love those (queue the X-files music) really out-there  coincidences?

Hello readers in Portugal and Brazil welcome to Tigger's Wee Blog.

And just to round out my day I got kissed again by the bloke at the cafe. I'm not sure about this kissing seems a little weird.  I don't mind getting my chin scratched though.

Simply irresistible

(Someone keeps messing with how the photos get lined up - does lined up matter?)

So this has been pinging around since I dictated this blog  

Go on shake your booty, I dare you.  No one is looking.... MOVE. MAKE SHAPES.


  1. Yes Tigger, you are indeed totally irresistible - you will just have to learn to accept those kisses :))

  2. Hari OM
    One of the great joys of blogging is travelling the globe from the comfort of one's keyboard!!! Oh yeah, bopping along here now, too!!! (The alignment can be adjusted by clicking on the uploaded image and selecting the justification of your choice... but the template will be in flux for a wee while as the new editor settles in from all the feedback it's getting!) Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx


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