Reverb announced it's approach.  The building shook and shook and shook.  Each boom got stronger and stronger and it seemed to be coming THROUGH the building opposite.

The roller skate cleared the building protecting us from the full onslaught and my world exploded!  In the kitchen the stove vibrated with every boom, vvvrrrrttt vvvvrrrrtttt vvvrrrrtttt - the crockery rattled, the utensils on the the wall clanged and clattered.

The whole building picked up the harmonic and if we had been in a cartoon you would have seen the walls flexing in and out (the glass in the balcony doors did flex with each boom!).

F came running out onto the balcony clutching her chest to see what was going on.  I was too busy clinging to my lurching satellite dish to try and hold my compressing and expanding rib cage together at the same time.  The compression waves seemed to make my heart hurt.

Weirdly there was no real sound to it.  It was so BASS it was more feeling than sound and there was no music on top.  Imagine 30 rpm (repeats per minute) sonic booms moving at the speed of a roller skate in slow traffic, and triggering car and building alarms as it passes.  It disappeared round the corner on our left leaving only screaming alarms to marks it's passing.

Noise pollution is really bad for your heart : and now I know why.

Has it gone yet?  We are lucky it didn't trigger a rockfall.


  1. Just imagine what it must have been like INSIDE that car!

  2. Hari om
    Struth, mate. Earthquake by any other name,eh? I was having palpitations just reading this! Hugs and Whiskeries, Yam -aunty xxx

  3. we have MANY boomcars here, and you perfectly described what they do when driving past our home. or when i am walking driving past me. about the article, i was in the pool this week, doing excericses and suddenly a roar was so loud i shook like your windows and wall. we live 3 miles from the airport and they are not allowed to take off over the city. this ginorous passenger jet, came right over the top of our trees in the flight pattern they are not allowed to take. i am sorry you were scared and glad you are ok. Tell your mama thank you so much for the recipes and telling me about peanut butter hummus. yum.
    I have super senstive hearing, like a canine or cat and loud noises make me crazy. now it is hard to find a place that is not noisy.

  4. We would have all been in hiding, we can't stand to even listen to the peeps moving their bins around.
    Rupert, Rowan, Princess, Willow and Mummy Polly

  5. Here we get huge farm vehicles - combines and the like - which hurt Oscar's ears and make him very mad...


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