The Cat Who Came in From the Cold

One of the earliest photos F ever took of me - possibly 2008 (Southampton)

I sat at the top of their garden.
Two humans, but only one was there every day.
No cats.
No dogs.
Two motorbikes.

He put out some catfood.
She didn't want a cat.
That didn't last long.

It was Christmas day when I decided to stay indoors.  I had a choice: in with the door closed, or out with the door closed - either way the door was going to be closed.  
She's commanding like that.
So it was in.

I hid behind the long curtains in the lounge.
Red curtains.

They made me 'go home' at night when they went to bed.
I slept under the cloche over the rhubarb.  She had put deep straw around the rhubarb.
It was almost bearable when it snowed.
They had a ladder leaning on the fence and I climbed it to bang on their kitchen window when they got up in the morning.

She followed me one night.
And sat with all the local cats under the big tree where we gathered and looked at one silence.

My first night indoors I spent sitting on a hard chair beside their bed.
I was a bit nervous.
On guard - like under the tree.

That was then.  We lived in Southampton then.
It's my bed now. 
That's the deal we negotiated in the end when I agreed to move to Havant with them (they let me approve the house and garden before we moved).
Now everything is mine, 
And there is no more sleeping in the snow.

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  1. Hari OM
    ...oooohhhhh.... Tigger.... this is such a poignant word picture of your arrival with F and Mr B... thank you so much for sharing that memory with us!!! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Dear YAM-aunty - I didn't look like a stray cat did I? That's why they put me out every night - they thought I had a home with someone else (that was the fiction). Behind our house there was an estate of special apartments for elderly people (100s of them). F even carried me around that estate a few times to see if she could find my 'home'. In the end they assumed I had lived with someone who might have died or gone to hospital and no one knew they had a cat....Fz & Pz Mr T.

    2. Hari OM
      Thank you for the 'addendum' to the tail... errr... tale. That's the thing with you felines, though... you slink in... and sometimes you slink out... Yxx

  2. your story brought tears to my eyes, i can't decide who is the luckier, you the sweet Tigger or the people you own now... I am beyond happy your story has a happy ever after. I love your story and the title is purrfect

  3. No more sleeping in the snow ... that would be good title for a story.
    Oscar spent last night in kennels - he squealed with joy when I picked him up this morning! He's now being treated to some special tripe bar snacks - mmmm... they smell quite foul... but lovely he says.

    1. F says sometimes we need to be reminded how important our humans are, we have to remember we are a team, not master and servant. regards Mr T

  4. I can't imagine sleeping in the snow, I hope Tigger picks some warm places to rest his head now. We have our Bunny, the manx back at the vets, she's been off dry food for a couple of months and on a strict wet food only diet with medicine, doesn't seem to be making much difference.

    1. We're really sorry to hear a out Bunny's troubles. Poor wee Manx cats have a terrible burden to live with. We hope the vet finds a better way to manage her needs. Xxx Mr T and F

  5. I'm so glad you both adopted each other. Love the story of how it all happened :) xx

  6. What a wonderful story. I think you picked the perfect parents
    And now your a world traveler. Living the dream


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