Early Morning Cruise

It is dark when we get up in the mornings these days.  We spotted this passenger ship, lit up like a party, making its way very slowly towards the port.


  1. Reminds of a dark morning back in October 2014 when our smallish cruise ship approached the port. Offloading 700 happy passengers returning from 14 days ‘tripping round the Black Sea’. Doubt I’ll get to see Athens and Istanbul again :(

    1. Tell us about places on the Black Sea. I have been through the Black Sea, but on a tanker so didn't visit any of the exciting places Although we did go twice through the Bosporos to be fair - once in darkness and once in daylight and it was Xmas and new year time so the lights were great. Did you call places other than Istanbul an Athens?

  2. Oh to be able to go on a cruise
    Maybe one day life will be back to normal


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