Outdoor Movies

Back in the late Spring, just as the lid was being lifted on our lockdown, we took a stroll one Saturday evening with a neighbour.

In the next inlet (Piraiki) someone had set up a temporary outdoor movie screen and there was to be a one-night-only screening of a movie about a famous woman who wrote lyrics for bouzouki music.

The screen looks like a large black and white trampoline or bouncy castle standing on edge with some guy ropes to hold it in place.  The paying customers got folding chairs in the little boatyard there.  The rest of the community who wanted to watch sat on the rocks along either side of the narrow inlet.
This guy had a front row view

It was dark by the time we strolled back and the movie looked like big TV to me.  I guess that is one of the benefits to humans of living in this sort of climate; they can sit outdoors and watch movies without getting wet or frozen.


  1. The Golfer and I used to go to the outdoor cinema in Cyprus - he was an airman , I was the daughter of a airman. Lots of memories😊
    We have/used to have drive in cinemas here in Melbourne but they lost favour….only to come back again last year during the long covid lockdown. Not the same atmosphere with kids in the car 😊

  2. Outdoor movies are the best on balmy summer nights
    Except for the mosquitos
    Hopefully they weren’t bad for you

  3. Yep. Wouldn't be too popular here, unless they provided big umbrellas for everyone.

  4. The only movies I ever saw as a child growing up until my late teens were outdoor drive-in theaters but we weren't sitting outside we were sitting in our car with a speaker on the window. But they did have seeing that you could go sit at a table and eat snacks and watch. I've never seen one that looks like this one

  5. Very cool, that's something that just doesn't happen here, hope the cat was amused.


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