The place where we are staying has some chickens living in the yard that is used as a carpark.  Now to my mind chickens are bald things that come from the butcher shop, go into the oven and come out crispy and smelling heavenly.

These, I am reliably informed, are chickens.  F let me spend an hour contemplating them.  I studied, sneaked up, pretended I wasn't sneaking up, and sniffed all the smells associated with a chicken yard that has old olive trees and figs growing in it.

No really stalking chickens...


  1. You were too chicken to get close!

  2. WOW my first ever sight of a cat with chickens.. most cats would be chasing those chickens and preparing them for F to cook for you... you look to cute for words stalking chickens. i meant NOT stalking cickens. Observing Fowls.

  3. I used to have chickens and my old cat would be found sleeping with them in the hen house
    They would all cuddle up and keep extra warm in the straw during long cold winter nights
    I miss her and my chooks

  4. Hari OM
    What a proper holiday treat for you Tigger ol' boy!!! Though I would be stalking those figs, myself... that image had me pawsitiffly drooling! Hugs and whiskeries YAM-aunty xxx

  5. I smiled at the way the chickens are so alert and certainly keeping an eye, or two, on you Tigger :)

  6. Tigger seems to be deep in concentration as Bruno would be just before he ran for them. But with Chickens you can't beat fresh eggs.


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