Tigger the Speleologist and Mountaineer (near Monodendri)

To everyone who has commented - thank you, we appreciate hearing from you. 

Tuesday was mountaineering day. Try to imagine the slightly breathless Attenborough commentary to accompany the sightings of the rare striped mountain cat as it disappears over the ridge...

We visited Oxya viewpoint, and edged our way from there around a rock ledge to get still more precipitous views of vastly scarier ways to fall to your death.  I spent most of my time looking up......there were even more cliffs above us with rocks that could drop on you at any time.

Let me list the ways to die...

It was a lovely sunny day so I explored some caves, and a few ledges, and charmed some tourists who were not expecting to catch a glimpse of the rare striped mountain cat...

Then my humans trekked me into something called the Stone Forest.  I did a really good explore there and F has dozens of photos of rocks stacked up like pancakes, and me hunting for lizards in among pancake rocks.  We captured some lizards (by camera), but we are saving up all lizard photos for a wildlife summary post seeing as we haven't encountered any bears.

It is really quiet out here on a day with no wind. Two shiney black crows swooped across the canyon shouting to one another. A small flock of starlings tweeted about the sunshine and the rising  thermals they were surfing. Mr B said he could hear baby eagles complaining about the food delivery service. There are apparently 3 kinds of eagles and two kinds of falcon in the Vikos Gorge area.  We didn't see the source of the complaining, which was probably a good thing or I might have been eagle food if they had seen me!


  1. Hari OM
    ...................well, I am quite glad you made that trek on our (my!) behalf, Tigger the interpid and your peeps. Even looking at this images has my vertigo twitching!!! I do love the pancake rock forms though. And that you got to explore for yourself, paw on ground. Crikey though, not a safety rail in sight............ hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. yikes I had listed all the things I am fearful of looking at your photos but did not think of the eagle and YOU.. glad you were safe...those pancake rocks are spectacular and glad all 3 of you avoided he fall to your death thing, and have to say your are look marvelous in the natural feline enviroment

  3. Lovely to be able to travel with you. Shivers for those deep depths . Keep those humans under control and away from edges and ledges

  4. Your very brave climbing all over those rocks
    Glad you made it out safe and sound

  5. Oh dear, I can still hear David Attenborough's breathless voice describing the exploits of that Rare Striped Mountain Cat, and am having trouble not laughing :))

    1. You should be laughing......Tigger is not permitted to take himself too seriously.

  6. Did our wee Tigger find any insects to play with? Our Bruno tried to bring a green bell frog inside the other day after the rain. sigh.


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