FFF - Furl or unfurl?

Neat spiral

Foam swirl

Suds galaxy

Slow twirl

Coriolis effect?

Soap whorl

Slow dance

Furl or unfurl?

Geometric tiles

Grey pearl

Lingering puddle

Toes curl


Blocked drain 

Again. Again.

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  1. Hari OM
    Oh dat are mahvellus, Tigger!!! I have been wondering about this piccie and now you tell us all about the shower blocking in the most eloquent and elegant manner... thank you by eighty seven times for this pawfect offering to FFF! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

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    1. Oops we deleted Cathy when we editted our reply whoops! She wanted to know if it went from 12 to 6 via 3.... Sorry Cathy. We love you really but F is a dolt.

    2. I always thought water went clockwise north of the equator….

    3. If Coriolis effect applies it goes the same way as the wind round a low pressure weather system - anticlockwise in northern hemisphere

  3. So THAT'S what the fuzzy thing was!

  4. this is so cool, both the furl and the poem.. love the photo and I got it before i saw the drain.. love it. my story is true, from 1983

  5. forgot to say, you were so right, if Mad Dog, and he was, had killed me, and he almost did, Max, Baby, Cooper, Big and Beau would have had no madsnapper mama and bob no wife.

  6. Looks like a good old fashioned plunger is needed! Be careful though, I did my father in law's the other week and what came out made quite splat - yuk! Took me years to realise that a plunger needed an inch or two of water to form a vacuum seal - then they work brilliantly, if at times a little too brilliantly!

  7. oh no, did you have to get a plumber in or did you fix it yourself?

    1. It was the place we stsyed in Corfu. Fixed it ourselves. (Then Tigger tore up their furniture!)


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