It's blowing a hooley. The stormy weather started up yesterday afternoon, raged all night and is still chucking sea salt at our balcony plants this morning.

It's roaring.

The old man pied piper of cats is out there, wading into the gale, the wind tugging at his clothes. He's making his usual stops to distribute some tasty cat food. 6 or 8 cats this morning. He leans down to pet some of them as they gather around his legs. He must be the only human the feral cats trust to touch them.  Some follow him, bouncing along the pavement, on and off the curb, weaving round the fence posts,  as he labours into the stormy blast.

It's whining.

Teenagers at the busstop take turns to run out of its shelter and  make aeroplane shapes; leaning on the wind as it accelerates up the rock wall from the beach.

It rages.

The eucalypts, scalped in the Spring, have grown back long thin streamers of whippy branches and leaves.  They are flowing, horizontal.  Struggling to depart, or hanging on for dear life?

It's  moaning.

Flags are straining at their moorings. Satellite dishes and TV aerials are wobbling frantically.  The sea is sending great curling waves crashing foaming onto the headlands.

It's wild out there and F says I have to go to the office today?

Is she mad?!


  1. Hooley Dooley, don't get blown away.
    What a scene. It's blowing here but there are only a few buckets dancing on the back terrace.

  2. Hari Om
    Pawssibly, Tigger dear... but pawhaps you could dig into your sense of adventure and look towards the office outing as Shackleton may have anticipated the Antartic expedition? Thank you, though, for this wonderfurs description - and I wonder if you had some whiplash from our Storm Arwen? Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. We just had storm Arwen and my neighbours roof tiles falling on mine! Batten down everything if they are anything like the same. At least my shed stood up to it all!

  4. ON no! not to the office.. i can see everything you described and hear it too... this sounds a lot like our hurricanes when they miss us but we get all that you described here. prayers for your safety

  5. awww what a good person to feed the cats, wonder if Tigger wants some of that food?

  6. Be careful you might get hit by a house!
    If you see a lady on a bike stay inside
    We are finally getting some nice weather so it looks like summer has finally left you and come down south


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