Recurring theme...

Seeing as we recently wrote aboute dragons being beyond the edge of the charted world....we decided to go there and find one.

He's not looking best pleased, this one. Maybe all dragons look like that and it's part of being a dragon. Mind you, being pinned to a wall in Piraeus is possibly doing nothing for his credibility as a fearsome dragon.  We wonder how many cultures around the world independently developed an idea of a scaly, fire-breathing, possibly flying, creature that might loosely be described as a dragon.

We are going to start gathering up mythical monsters from around the world and see what we can tell you about them. Next week we will open with a TANIWHA. Watch this space.  

All suggestions about favorite monsters to research for you may be added to the comments - preferably with guidance about where we will need to go to find one. No monsters will be harmed in the conduct of this research.


  1. Hari OM
    OOoohhh that's a plan for a posting theme. Good one, Tigger... as for Scotland, I guess the nearest thing to such a critter would be Nessie; no wings, probably no scales and definitely no fire, but still... Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. That is a very fine dragon. Gail has always loved the idea of 'here be dragons' territory on ancient maps. I see YAM-aunty has beaten us to the rather obvious suggestion of Scotland's Loch Ness monster. Although he is apparently not quite as world famous as Scots would like to believe. One of Gail's former colleagues, an Indian gentleman temporarily working in Aberdeen, reported back one Monday on a weekend visit to Loch Ness, where he'd initially wondered what all the signs featuring 'some reptile thing' were about.

  3. That's a magnificent dragon . Frightening and fire breathing as it should be.

  4. You don't need to travel further than our little island to find monsters. We have the Buggane Moddey Dhoo and Fynoderee to start with.
    Happy hunting.

  5. Nessie is the only one I know of and I have seen similar dragons like the one today in movies about China town in San Francisco and New York. can't wait to see what you find... no dragons in my archives

  6. Fantastic idea, which could take you anywhere. You can look for the Knucker in Sussex. There are six holes to search.

  7. Near where I live is the fabled too ra din monster. Not sure about the spelling
    It’s an aboriginal story and the town is named after that monster
    Tooradin. It apparently lives in the waterways. I think. Might be interesting to add an Aussie fable to your stories

  8. Excellent work. I like to liken Dragons to Taniwhas, I think they are probably much the same.


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