Late by Nature - Again (Swallowtail and Jellyfish)

It's hot.  It's really really hot, and I have retired to a slot in the concrete that might once have been a built-in balcony planter.  I have invited F to be guest contributor of our nature post because she went swimming this morning and on the way back chattered to me about fish.

I can't be bothered with chattering today, and I have never been all that interested in fish.  There are some orange fish in a tank at the catfood store, I watch them in a disinterested sort of way while F is fetching bags of wood pellets for my bathroom.  The caged birds on the other side of the shop are much more interesting but I have never been allowed to take any home with the industrial catfood I have to eat.

Why do you suppose fish and birds are in a catfood shop if I'm not allowed to eat them?

Anyway fish, the sea, any kind of water in fact....not my thing.  And F is just going to have to talk at you because Mr B has the camera for taking pictures of things in water. The morning excursion to the beach opened with a yellow and black butterfly flitting across the rocks - alighting, moving on.  Then it flew out over the water and disappeared from our view.  We haven't got a photo of that either because she had left the phone at home.  We have studied a Butterflies & Moths of Greece thing and come to some conclusion it was an Old World Swallowtail.   We have borrowed an image that looks about right - black & pale yellow, big, and with the kind of patterns that make artists want to add one to paintings of a bowl of flowers.  I told F that was her reward for scooping plastic out of the sea before she went swimming.

Borrowed image (

Fish (finally)

crystal water, sand in shades of aqua (Aunty-Sandra's favourite this year), turquoise, azure, cerulean, rocks tumbled, bottom becomes indistinct, F's darker shadow outlined by the shafting sunlight, midnight blue.  Tiny fish are sparkles, shiny streamers, glittering confetti, silver, gunmetal, electric blue, flashing, gliding, mauve and grey-greens. They all have a place they belong,  Pale pink jelly-fish.... whoops that made her swim backwards.  There it is - glooping along.

(More gloop!)

Most people probably don't realize just how many fish are around them as they swim with their heads above water. F wears goggles and sticks her face in the water and just wanted to say this to you


The ocean is a desert with its life underground
And a perfect disguise above
Under the cities lies a heart made of ground
But the humans will give no love


credit to 'America'

See me now?


  1. Hari OM
    Well done, Tigger - you found a box as only a cat could do (just because it's concrete and not carboard does not lessen the fact it is a box...) And how wonderful for F to experience up close and personal with flutterbyes and finsters - and gloops! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Dearest YAM-aunty i also have the biggest cardboard box ever as of this week, but the drawback is that it's so big F can get in there to drag me out or administer toothpaste. Oops i just reminded her I haven't had a toothpasting today. Bother! Fz and Pz Mr T

  2. Tigger, I am hoping you do not gain even a teeny bit of weight while in that slot, you might get stuck. the first photo I did not see you, after viewing the 2nd went back and there you were. all that beauty F was seeing is something I have never seen even though we have the same thing here in Florida. the reason? I never put my face in the water, which is the reason I don't swim very well. I can stay afloat and go really fast backwards, especailly if i saw a jelly fish.. F did a great job describing, I could see it in my mind. Tell her thanks for the compliments today on Beaus post.

    1. I need to gain a teeny bit - enough to stop F being able to dig me out when I don't want her to. She can still JUST get her hands in there too. She says there are more teeny tiny fish that most people imagine.

  3. Aaagghhhh... now I am singing that song...

    felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain
    La, la, la lala la la la, la, la
    La, la, la lala la la la, la, la

    1. ­čś╣happens to F a lot. That one often comes back and rattles around if her singing to me is anything to go by.

  4. Now that’s a nice little spot to escape the heat
    Oh to be warm now and be able to swim in the sea.
    This morning we woke to find the world was white!
    Frost on the ground and fog all around

  5. Felines can never resist a box...any size will do! Arilx

  6. I agree about people not being aware of fish around them when they are swimming. I know at Papamoa there are always sharks swimming just beyond the breakers, but most people are entirely unaware of them. They sometimes surf in beside a kayak or surfboard though, and then people notice!


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