More Light Than Dark

More light than dark.  The change happened really quickly didn’t it?  My weed has regenerated itself and is forming a lovely scented carpet over the corner of garden about halfway up the backyard.  F was mowing the lawn (such as it is – most of it is moss and hawkweed these days) so I checked out the Tigger weed. 

Very nice to roll in.

After a while I became aware that the lawn mower had stopped making vibrations and sat up to discover F sneaking up the lawn, phone camera in hand clearly intent on filming disrupting my reverie.

Foiled you!

The garden is slowly coming to life  - Magnolia Stellata beginning to flower 

F didn't see the Bee until she was putting the photo here

Some daffodils are out (daffodils are everywhere in Hampshire this week)

Flowering blackthorn (there might be sloes for their gin in the Autumn)

Flowering Mahonia.   This too has 'berries' - also known as Oregon Grapes.  F tried making jam out of them one year but wasn't exceedingly impressed with anything about it except the colour (which was very intense - almost black).

And blossom is forming on the fruit trees.  It is unfortunate that both our plum and damson trees have ‘reverted’ to their rootstock (the tenants here while we were away wouldn’t have known to prune away the growth from below the graft and the result is the stock has dominated and the grafted material has not thrived), so after they have displayed their blossom F is going to chop them out.  Never fear we still have crab apples and quince, and the blackberry and loganberry vines have survived.


  1. Wow, you have magnolia out already! There is a very pretty one at the entrance to Duthie Park here in Aberdeen, but we will have to wait a while for it to bloom here in Aberdeen. We do have plenty of daffodils now. Gail notes that sleet is forecast for Sunday...

  2. Spring is wonderful with all its promise. You’ll be busy soon enough just keeping on top of the weeds

  3. It's uplifting to see the garden coming to life again. It's our impression that Spring is a little late this year in Berkshire, but maybe it's just our garden! Our mahonia aquifolia has been attracting bees for weeks and that is always pleasing.
    Mr T, you are a tease - I wanted to see you rolling in ecstasy or whatever your weed is called.

  4. So that’s where it’s going….it’s leaving us earlier and earlier in the evening and coming back later in the morning. Enjoy your spring Tigger!

  5. Hari OM
    Golly, your gardens down there are far ahead of the gardens up here! I do see a few bulbs bursting, but nothing like those daffies there! Now, Tigger... it would be kind of you to let F capture some of your rapture to share with us, don't you think? Spread the happiness and all that... hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. the video is a bit hit with me, made me smile just seeing you and watching F sneaking up on you in my imagaintion. I have been know to sneak, but it did not work out well. I love grapes and jam, I love dafodils and spent the morning yesterday assisting Bob with cutting back the tree that has to be cut back once a year. Daddy always knew what and when to cut back. I did not pay attention so have no clue

  7. I agree, the longer days seem to have suddenly arrived overnight, as it were. Makes me feel happy.
    Even this far north we have quite a lot of blossom in places. A neighbour's tree is a mass of frothy pink, really beautiful. The strong winds yesterday evening blew a cloud of petals across our lawn. P thought it was snowing!

  8. What a pity we couldn't see you rolling in ecstasy, Mr T. You're far too wise a cat to be snuck up on!

  9. Spring is there by the sound of it, no more wet paws for Mr T when he ventures outside.


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