Some more Nature

By way of relief from yesterday's post - random collection from Singapore.
This Golden Orb Spider (female) is about the size of my hand with outspread fingers.  It posed calmly for hoards of weekend nature tourists and photographers on one of my outings to green space.  I won't tell you where - don't want to put anyone off.  I have seen only two since being here - big but not at all scary and not dangerous - just let them get on with their excellent role in catching flying insects....
 I love these 'flat' or 2-dimensional palm trees.  There are quite a few further along my street.

Beside my MRT card for size

No idea what it is but reminds me in a small way of Pohutukawa

Boat Quay has a submerged boat landing which these fish and turtles were grazing the weed off.

There were 4 or 5 varieties of fish but only one kind came into the shallow water on top, the rest grazed the vertical sides.

Frangipani - it is not as common as I would have expected.  This was in Fort Canning Park.

Even the roofs of bus stop shelters have been used as growing space in places. 

Tiny doves the size of a starling

Red Jungle fowl at the Gardens - Mum and chicks

Mr and Mrs Red Jungle fowl

Posing nicely
Red Jungle Fowl are genuinely wild birds - the stock from which various domestic breeds have been developed.  They can be found all over the place here - even in the Gardens by the Bay.

Manmade tree

Real tree - better support for all the stuff that grows in trees.

Biggest seed I've ever held (with possible exception of coconut)


  1. Not Pohutukawa...but Rhodedendron?

  2. The frangipani is beautiful. Domesticated chickens are not so far removed from jungle fowl - beautiful. I loved the little doves but spiders make me shudder - quite irrational, of course.

  3. Hari Om
    What variety and interest to behold! YAM xx

  4. no favorites today because they are all my favorite. had no idea snails came in that size and awesome photo of it. the flat palms are gorgeous and the tree full of STUFF at the end is too. you have something for everyone.. we have orb spiders here but they are not this color. we have lots of Frangipani here. most of this we have never seen. amazing finds and I love seeing all of these... again I say Photographers Heaven is named Singapore, spiders to buildings, love it all

  5. The street palms look like giant houseplants! Such interesting views, in the city, even.

  6. After a week that was first frigid (-6C for Nobby's early park walk on Wednesday) and then milder but extremely wet and windy, it's nice to come to this blog for a touch of the tropical. I too love those 2D palm leaves.
    Cheer, Gail.

    1. That's cold enough to freeze the fur off your toes Nobby. Do you have winter boots like sled dogs wear? - perhaps you should suggest to Gail that boots would be good.

    2. Gail replies: Both my previous two dogs had (different) problems with their paws which proved hard to resolve. Boots were suggested and tried but it was never a happy experience. Thankfully, so far, Nobby's paws seem pretty resilient.


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