Nature Friday


Nutmeg tree


Bitter Orange (not as bitter as Greek neranji, I ate one and pronounce it to be less bitter than your average grapefruit)

Nutmeg - lady in red petticoats in a boat (the pericarp is the boat). They use the pericarp to make jam and jelly. The red mace is dried and sold separately, and the inner shell is cracked to reveal the 'nutmeg'.  Only that inner shell has no commercial value. Here they call it poor man's burglar alarm, putting the broken shells on their gardens and paths - the underfoot frunching alerting homeowners to anyone approaching.


Bird of paradise flower

Rock figs (I kid you not)

Pawpaw or papaya

I know this stuff as taro (colocasia). No idea what they call it here


Cacao again. There are two kinds apparently. Some start with dark red pods that ripen yellow.  The others go from pale green to ripe. Fresh cacao seeds are coated with a fleshy membrane that is a refreshing mild version of tamarind sour. Locals soak fresh 'beans' and drink the sour juice.

No idea - it looked nice.

Coconut of course. Standard image to go with any tropical island.

Breadfruit (water reserved for breadfruit plants - and denied the crew - was a contributing factor in the Mutiny on the Bounty)  


  1. The island is full of colour on land and sea. It's lovely to see all these spices and fruits in nature

  2. Hari OM
    OH yyyuummmmmsssssssss.... I think those leaves may be a pepper plant... YAM xx

  3. Such bounty. A tropical paradise island.

  4. It really is a paradise of fruit and flowers.

  5. almost all of these photos could have been taken here where we live. i have many photos on MadSanpper of our banana tree with the blooms making the fruit. also could be photos of Hawaii. i like the poor mans burgurlar alarm, and here we have gravel or crushed shells that do the same thing. it used to be every home had these, now they have poured the state full of congrete.

  6. Lots of nature today, and how interesting about all the different uses for bits of the nutmeg plant.
    Thanks! Gail.

    1. We visited a nutmeg museum. The tour was a bit of a recital but i never imagined so many uses for the stuff and not just to eat but also as oil and a preservative in some cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

  7. I like the nutmeg info best of all, thanks. This was a great tropical nature hike.

    1. They are very proud of their nutmeg and all its uses - nutmeg ice cream is touted as the king (or queen) of ice creams.

  8. So many fruit trees. And such lush growth.
    I bet it smells lovely.

  9. Oh my cats what lovely photos of somewhere very very pretty and I bet warm.
    WOW I am a huge fan of nutmeg. When my sister in law told me she did not LIKE nutmet and did not put it in her apple pies!!!, I had to ask W H Y.
    Hugs Cecilia


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