Still Daily Sketching

 Although these examples come from January and February (and I was rather pleased with Tower Bridge because I managed to do that on a blustery, wet day and realized only afterwards that I wasn't wearing my glasses.  I am long sighted and have no trouble seeing the bridge, it was the page at the end of my arm that would normally be completely out of focus.  Amazing what can be achieved....if you aren't thinking about your limitations)

To date I have managed about 6 drawings that I 'quite like', but my all time favorite is a Grenadian fire hydrant 🤔.  Really?

I did see this piece of advice somewhere recently and I thought I might (re) blog it:

 Seek not to create beauty but to see beauty in what you create.

This is not my composition or initiative.  I was simply looking for a tutorial on how to draw something with folds in it and came upon this website - clicked randomly on  #132.  I like his take on which story you choose to hear.


  1. You have excellent sketching skills. Please show us more of your creativity.

  2. Hari Om
    Interesting, the bridge was the one that caught most attention from me, the fox second, before I read the post...and I very much like the hydrant. It has a strength of line in it that suggests confidence. Nothing 'silly old woman ' about it!!! YAM xx

  3. Being longsighted does have it's advantages! Keep on drawing

  4. How lovely to have the skill to record what you see. A drawing is so much more personal than a photograph. I like them all, but particularly the fire hydrant and the lamp.

  5. I love your sketches. I especially love tower bridge. Reminding me of the two weeks I spent looking at it from my hotel room window.
    I love the quote. I’ll have to remind myself of it when I feel like I’m not loving my paintings

  6. I like your sketches, particularly the fire hydrant. The quote is excellent as I am too perfection oriented.

  7. My favorite is the sneaker, I love it, #2 is your favorite, love that fire hydrant. I do love POO, perfectly ordniary objects and what is more ordinary than sneakers and hydrants. color me jealous.. I want to draw so much... I read a little of the link and can see why you liked it

  8. Nobby thinks the fox is the best, so realistic he wants to chase it off the screen.
    Gail wants to know if it stayed still to pose for the portrait!

    1. Tell Nobby that it got photographed first - I'm not as fast as a WFT


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