This might be one of the only subjects (if not THE only subject) on which my humans and I agree.  So much so that I’ve even bothered myself to learn to recognize the human word ‘squirrel’.  Of course it might be the tone of voice employed for ‘squirrel’ or the expletives that precede it, but in any event we agree: squirrels are obnoxious, a torment, invasive and arrogant.  The humans object to them destroying the trees and attempting to empty the birdfeeders.  I just object to them.

I’ll give you my views on the subject of birdfeeders later.  For now suffice to say they are loaded with anti-squirrel devices that spin around.  It’s entertaining to watch but it doesn’t make the squirrels any easier to catch.  I haven’t killed, or even maimed one yet, but I’ve given one or two a new parting in their tail fluff.