Giola, Thassos

F owes Mr B a spa treatment and slap up meal. 1 for dragging him across a sun-bleached rock strewn Greek island hillside 'in search of...' and 2 for suggesting that her unresponsive phone needed go be turned off and turned on again to fix it. Of course it did. Turn it off turn it on fixes loads of stuff. However that piece of wisdom didn't arrive before a bottle of wine at the end of a full day of navigating by wet finger in the wind (naviguessing) - hence the straggle across the rock strewn hillside, through flocks of dangerous sheep, past terraced slopes of very old olive trees, before coming out on a road we could simply have driven down.

And the objective:

 - more water.

I didn't have to walk a step, so I got lovely views of terraced olive groves

That looks like civilization. I assure you it wasn't. It was populated by dangerous bell-ringing sheep, and not a building or road or footpath for miles.

Even after we stumbled out of the wilderness onto the REAL road Mr B's pain wasn't over. He disappeared up the road and came back later with the van. Then we (figurative 'we') walked down a steep dirt track, over more rocks, down a cliff.... then there was water. 

Of course there was. 

It is a pool like a sinkhole right beside the sea, filled by the sea slopping in from time to time.  Very clear water (and then I refused to look).

F made noises about the octopus that clambered out as she was preparing to jump in. There was an octopus/F encounter as it reached out from under its ledge to make the scary human go away.  It had been heading over the rocks towards the open sea when her arrival interrupted its plans.

And today
Getting my screen addiction fix while that bottle of wine was brewing up a phone fix


  1. Hari OM
    fun and games, eh, Tigger? Surely that sinkhole of such clarity and refreshering was equal to any spa costing dozens of cost papers??? ... and my experience of fixes post cork popping suggest holding off till the next day... Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. F rubbed his feet while i sat on his tummy. Phone heeded the wake-up call and we are nagitating properly again. Shame; cos i rather enjoyed the wander round on the ancient olive groves ... apart from the large bleating quadrupeds. Enjoy your Hutch YAM-aunty. Furrings and Purrings Mr T

  2. oh yes I would be trying out that swimming spot too. And we would sometimes turn off devices too, funny how that seems to fix things.

  3. Looks like a perfect place to swim
    Except for the octopus but I’m sure it would rather not mix with humans so I guess it’s safe

    1. The octopus touched F - thats what the noise was about. Poor wee thing was probably only telling her to watch out for poor wee octupuses.


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