F tried to get all clever and make one of my posts happen a few days in the future. By the time she realized she'd messed up, some of you had commented, and then she was in a real pickle. So today instead of pictures of my shed locks you get me telling you random stuff like how I've just noticed that the corner of the garden below our balcony looks like the local cats had a Chinese Takeaways party.

It's really hot again and I am trying to pretend our balcony plant trough is a small cave.... (cats like small caves).  F didn't get a photo though.

There is a bus parked across the road with its engine running and has been there a couple of hours. It seems an expensive way to keep the driver air-conditioned.  He could just turn off, lock up and go to the cafĂ© a few yards away.

And for Tasker - here's one of our local Steptoes.  There are dozens here.  This one has a rather fetching truck. Many are driving around in beat up old jalopies with all but the driver's seat taken out, and a big improvised roof rack on top.


  1. Hari Om
    Not just expensive, environmentally reckless I'd say (re the bus and driver)...and don't get me started on the food littering. No rag and boners around the Hutch... we only recently even had official recycling! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Maybe the bus driver had ice cream in there and was saving it from melting lol
    The gremlins are in blog land. I’d blame them. Seriously I can’t get into the blogs I follow section so I’ve had to type the ones I remember into the Google machine and try to find you that way

  3. never heard the word steptoe, but from reading Yams comment about rag and bones, i think it may be someone picking up junk from the side of the road. here our buses are disel and can sit for long periods of time without burning much diesel. the delivery trucks on the highways are rarely turned off, the run 24/7 but then America is one of the most wasteful countries in the world.


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