Brought to a Standstill

Snow brought Piraeus to a standstill - not that we actually got any.

We could see it on the hills and on the top of Aegina (the island in front of us), but here on the Costa del Tigger we were bathed in sunshine.  (It would be a misdirection if I didn't confess that some white stuff fell out of the sky during the night, but it didn't stay.)

F went to work.  No one else did.  Piraeus streets were 'as silent as the grave'.  Cafes closed.  Businesses shut up.  Cars parked.  Footpaths empty of pedestrians.

F's office building was all locked up (but she has a key).  She was the only one there.

It was 1330 before she found out that the Greek government had declared a public holiday on account of the snow - and she found out from someone in England.

Snow, it seems, achieved what the Greek government with all its concerns about COVID could not - TOTAL LOCKDOWN.

They declared another public holiday on the Wednesday as well.  F went to work that day too.  Public Holiday just seems to be another term for 'work from home' - and she doesn't because work is just a short walk away.

Home is home.  The place you expect to get away from work and work's demands and pressures.

I often get to keep F company at work when she is the only one there, but Mr B is at home and he needs company too - and there is only one of me.

I'm Tigger and I'm the only one.  


  1. You are definitely a one-off, Mr T.

  2. Hari OM
    The one and only you! Empty offices are often conducive to high productivity for the one who enters them - but can also be a tad spooky! It seems that Piraeus might be a little like Dunoon - a seperate weather system altogether! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. F says 'not spooky' but boringly lonely after nearly two years of being more often than not the only one in it.

  3. I tryed to hug you tight and kiss your face but could not quite reach you. what a wonderful photo of you today. ONLY ONE? be careful, what if they got a # 2 Tigger? got a big laugh out of the England notified about the holdiday, just more proof our world is CRAZY

    1. F's own fault for not reading the news in Greek.

  4. Seriously it doesn’t take much to make a Greek stop work I don’t think lol
    I hope you are toasty warm inside your home


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