Little Red Hat

The little red hat caught the sun as we glanced out the upstairs window - our woodpecker was back at the fatballs hanging off the birdfeeder and not the least perturbed by the squabbling starlings.  Later  a pair of magpies - F said "2 for joy".

Sun and heat continue - the lawn has gone from green to brown in a week (and we are only in June!).  The little greenhouse got too hot for some of the baby plants and they succumbed.  Oh well at least she won't be troubled by trying to find homes for the excess ones (and we know the ones that survived are tough mudders).

Around midday a big box arrived which F proudly announced was my lunch.  Some new catfood; science food apparently, for cats whose kidneys are getting old.  Now I admit to nothing at all, but I did wolf down a whole pouch of the stuff, which F thought remarkable as I have been picky about food for a few weeks (well picky about food forever, but particularly sniffy about it lately).  

A little nap is in order to digest that big meal.  I sent F out for more flower photos for Friday (my blog is developing a Flower Friday slant.  We need to get out in nature more and contemplate more than just flowers - I shall command butterflies or something for new week)

Oh hold on a minute - stag beetle - we had one of those on Wednesday night.  Janice at JABBLOG said something about reporting them because they are rare but we haven't looked up the where and how and to whom of that yet.

It was on our doorstep. F moved it to the front garden so it was at less risk of getting squashed.

And there were ants in the Philadelpus

They seemed to be collecting nectar....

Thornless Blackberries have been flowering well (pink flowers)

My Weed - isn't it magnificent?



first loganberry - birds ate it!


What is that I can see behind you?

Red roses....

Cecile Brunner


    Well done on your stag beetle find.
    I love all the beautiful flowers - isn't this a splendid time of year, when everything gets going at a fair old pace and it's difficult to keep up? It's a great life if you don't weaken.

  2. I love the photo just above your purrfect head! you are looking so good. so does your bush. we have lots of beetles here, 3 different types. you did good for nature and flowers. bugs are for sure Nature.

  3. I love the serious expression as you meditate on nature and beetles and stuff. Go Tigger. Enjoy your food.

  4. Hari OM
    OMC, Tigger, how your garden does flourish!!! The difference a couple of weeks makes. I do hope the new food continues to please your tastebuds - I swear you look a little more 'sveldt' in your pawtrait today. Or is that just clever camera work by your pawsonal photographer? Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Camera angle YAM-aunty - F was lying on the ground and trying to get me to pout sweetly. Xxx Mr T

  5. It’s all looking lovely. I hope you get some rain soon.
    I’m still waiting to see more It’s been so warm and dry I keep forgetting where I am!

  6. It all looks blooming marvellous Mr T. Well done you on your garden supervision skills.

  7. Your garden is looking gorgeous, and one person's 'weed' is another's 'product of an eco-gardening approach'...
    Cheers, Gail.

    1. Ha ha it's called my 'weed' in the tobacco sense, because I chew it.

  8. Good to see some summer photos, can't wait until my roses are blooming here


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