Peers at My Eyes

A couple of years ago I had a pee problem.  We were in Greece at the time and I ended up being put through a battery of examinations (and given an all clear), but F was told to make me lose some weight.

I was 6.6 kilograms then.

The first 600grams took over a year to move.  F had reckoned on 100grams per month, but we achieved about half of that.  Still, by the time we were back in England I was a svelte 5.8 kilograms. 

After getting back from the other side of the planet the other week F decided that what she had been thinking before she left was in fact a real thing – that I have lost even more weight.  I have also been drinking a lot of water so on one of her ‘work from home’ days she prepared the Donkey, and we travelled into the village (before work) and visited a V-E-T.

It was not my usual V-E-T, but they all have the same air about them so I knew exactly what we were waiting for: peers at my eyes, looks in my ears, examines my teeth, takes my temperature and listens to my heart, squelches my insides around a bit and then carted me off to shave a bit of my neck and steal some of my blood.  F wasn’t allowed to go with me on the blood test bit.  Tante-Maria (the vet in Greece) always let me hug onto F while the horrible stuff happened.

We have been waiting for test results, but I don’t know what they were testing for.  I did hear a discussion about something that Moki (a reader) mentioned: that is, being switched off for teeth to be cleaned and polished, but I also heard F tell Mr B that if I wasn’t in pain then she was reluctant to have ‘switching off’ administered to a cat of my age.  That all sounded a bit ominous and I am certain that I don’t have any tooth pain; absolutely sure of it.

I ate all my breakfast and all my dinner.

For a change.

Despite all the years that we have lived here I had never before ridden the Donkey into the retail centre of Havant.  I got a whole new look at stuff I had only previously seen from the van.  And the smells. And the traffic.  We have to cross a railway line on a big bridge that carries all the traffic to and from the north part of Havant: cars, vans, buses, trucks, motorbikes and mopeds, cyclists and e-scooters, a tractor pulling a big hay wagon (and trailing all the smells of a barnyard….some urban people are not keen on such rural scented delicacies).

Piraeus definitely had less trammelled streets even if the drivers there were somewhat less inhibited about parking, signalling, and observation of stop signs.  Here, there are no cafes with patrons sitting out to greet me, no interesting cheese shops, butchers, or retails windows with the shop cat sitting in them.  And the people in the petfood shop (where the V-E-T was located) did not greet and treat me like a king.  People did not chat to us from balconies (in fact there were no balconies), and there were no vagrant cats mooching about either.

Sometimes you don’t realize what little things you miss about an old home until you have been away a while and had time to let it sink in. 

This post was drafted nearly a week ago and F refrained from posting it until we got some news.  The news is that I am not diabetic, but there are concerns about my kidney function.  I sense another VET visit coming on.


  1. I hope you well really soon Tigger. Cranberry juice will help and it's a change from milk pop.

  2. Oh, hope all goes well for your Mr T xx

  3. Hari OM
    Oh, Tigger, I confess I have been waiting for this post too... I've been reluctant to ask. The kidney diagnosis does not necessarily surprise me as, sadly, this is a common problem in senior cats. I send a healthy dose of my POTP your way, as you face more of those peer and prod sessions. Now, did F take you in to see the big plastic polar bear??? Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Dear Tigger, we are pleased to read you are not diabetic, but hope that the vet finds something treatable and you stay comfortable.
    Nobby and Gail.

  5. So sorry you had do do the vet visit thing! and that you have more in the future. I agree with F about no switching off unless it is a total emergency. not for teeth cleaning. I know you miss your donkey rides with all the love your received in your last home. it was perfect for outdoors riding. you would not like riding here at all, and in fact have never seen a cat in/on a donkey here. We did have 2 visit in a stroller at the nursing home.
    Prayer and hugs that you are fine and dandy. Love you Tigger. At least there is always the allotment

  6. Oh wonderful news re diabetes. Let’s hope kidney function improves.
    Yes the people contact would be the thing I’d miss. I love my little patch of earth where we all know each other


  7. Jellicoe says he hopes your kidney problems are soon resolved and you feel much better very soon. Keep off the tuna and make your humans give you turkey and chicken - after all, we cats deserve only the best.

  8. Hooray for having your little donkey to travel in - boo to those who didn’t even acknowledge you. It’s not as if it would be a daily sight seeing one very regal looking puss cat pass by being pushed by one very spiffing looking owner. And yes it’s true- you don’t know what you miss until it’s gone.

    Kidney problems seem to haunt all us oldies Tigger. Try to get those fluids into your body

  9. It's not unusual for a senior to have kidney issues, so let's hope it's manageable. My old Duncan was switched to a different food which he angrily refused to eat. Still did fine swiping his sister's food.

  10. Tigger Mou, perastika. Wishing you good health


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