Skill You Have to Admire

After we had visited the meat market, F took me to watch this guy she had seen making pies one day last week.  link to video:  Phyllo Pastry Chef

His kitchen has a big shop window (and a big door open) onto the street.  So we stood in the doorway and watched and filmed him. 

Cool aye?

F wonders how many lifetimes (like Groundhog Days) he has had to come back to perfect that pastry swinging trick.

Finished  tyropita - cheese pie - about 4 person pie size.


  1. I am fighting to keep my drooling off the keyboard. yum. Yes, we do get banannas some years. they are finger bananas, not the big ones. Tigger, Beau knows the words Wait, let me wipe your feet. we have to if has rained because his paws are as big as your head and can track a lot of mud in. he also knows bring me the ball, we have to wash it.... same reason as the paws, mud made from dog drool and dirt.

  2. Hari OM
    OMC... and I get excited when my chapattis come out anywhere near proper standard... that was not just skillful, but artistic and delicate and performative... Thanks to F for filming it and you for sharing it with us Tigger! Hugs and whiskeries, YA-aunty xxx

  3. That is amazing, it must be getting near tea time.

  4. Mm wouldn't mind one of those right now.

  5. oh man cheese pie! that's something I'd have to try to make.

    1. There are lots of kinds of cheese pie, and many use very white, mild (they call it 'sweet', as in unsalted) cheese. This recipe looks like the real deal:


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